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Clips and articles including myself and/or projects I have worked on.

News Articles

imagineNATIVE - iNDigital Space at imagineNATIVE 2019

News release by imagineNATIVE, an indigenous-focused film and interactive media festival held in Toronto, Ontario. Discusses some of the interactive works and games on display, including a blurb about my game Tower of Baybayin.

The Daily Illini - Study Shows Computer Gaming Can Be Beneficial to Health

Article that mentions UIUC's Social Gaming Club and includes quotes from myself when I was president of the organization. Unfortunately it refers to me as male and in the wrong college, though!

Smile Politely - Computer Science Through the Lens of Art, Games, and Fashion

An article that features GEMS, a free summer program hosted by CS @ Illinois aimed at middle school girls interested in learning more about technology and programming. Includes some quotes from myself from when I was a camp counselor and activity coordinator.

CS @ Illinois - CS Undergraduate Haus Embraces Arts and Computing

An article by CS @ Illinois about me and my Computer Science and art interests and involvement.

The Daily Illini - GameBuilders Members Collaborate to Create Unique Applications

Informative article about the GameBuilders organization at UIUC, which includes some quotes from me as a former member.

The Daily Illini - Slick Sidewalks Send Students to Hospital; Officers Salt Walkways for Safety

Article covering icy walkway conditions at the University of Illinois in 2014. Has absolutely nothing to do with my projects or work, but it does include some quotes from me about falling on the ice a lot, which is pretty funny in retrospect.

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